Membership Has Its Benefits

If you’re looking to connect with a vibrant and growing business community, then GTBA just might be the right organization for you. This is an easy-to-get-along with, very welcoming community of businesses genuinely interested in helping one other develop and succeed. Sometimes members come away from our meetings with a new idea or piece of information they can put to good use back in the workplace. Other times GTBA sponsored meetings and events serve as a catalyst for members to get with each other to build a new relationship, start something new or move something forward.

Some of the ways a GTBA membership might benefit you include:

NETWORKING: Make new acquaintances and establish new relationships that are mutually beneficial.

MEMBER DISCOUNTS: Enjoy member-to-member discounts extended by members to one another.

PEER SUPPORT: Get help from other members willing to share their knowledge and experience.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Learn what’s going on and have a say in affairs that impact the community

CAMRADERIE/FRIENDSHIP: Make new friends and acquaintances.

SOURCING/OUTSOURCING: Find new sources or become a new source for products and services.

REFERRALS: Give and receive leads for new customers.

ON-GOING EDUCATION: Learn new things that can help in your business endeavors.

ADVERTISING: Promote your business through our website or by sponsoring GTBA events.