Dr. Shauna Hindman (Polaris Wellness Acupuncture & Chiropractic Center)

Feb 6, 2017 by

Dr. Shauna Hindman (Polaris Wellness Acupuncture and Chiropractic Center)

Dr. Shauna Hindman is a board-certified Chiropractic Physician who has been practicing since February 1998. Dr. Hindman provided the membership with hard copy of a 23-slide deck. It opened with discussion about the origins, role, and safety of acupuncture for pain relief. The next talking point was the Opioid Epidemic, especially in Ohio. Also, the issues that are arising due to “Text Neck”. Sitting is the new smoking with people 2x more likely to be obese if they sit for more and 6 hours per day. Finally, she discussed vitamin deficiencies, especially Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C. She provided the membership with a gift bag with introductory membership coupons to utilize her practice among other items. contact Dr. Hindman to receive further details and care.

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